It’s always an adventure!

Hi, I’m Bailey, the GTMNERR research intern for summer 2017!

A little bit about me – I’m a senior undergraduate Coastal Biology major at the University of North Florida. I am so thankful to be a part of the GTM team this summer, and if you see me around the educational center, I will surely make you feel like the tallest person in the world (I’m only 4’9! :P).

So, today is officially day 38 of my internship…. Goodness, I cannot believe how fast time is flying; and trust me, around here, every day is so unique from the last. Things stay quite exciting! That is honestly my favorite aspect about field research. Each day beckons the possibility of a new adventure! There have been many memorable moments spent here in the estuary, including holding this beauty – a Florida pine snake (Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus).

bailey snake

While no day is alike, work normally begins in the morning checking emails and confirming my schedule for the next few days. If my day is spent at the educational center, I can often be found in the lab peering through a dissection microscope at oyster “spat” larvae or nestled at my computer amongst data numbers and statistical analyses. (In science, numbers are your best friend!)

On field days, I’m out where the “river meets the sea” – monitoring emergent vegetation growth, inspecting oyster reefs, or participating in the latest nekton trawl. Meanwhile, fighting off horseflies, being yanked out of the marsh mud while trying not to lose my boots (gracefully, I might add! Haha! Man, if we only had pictures of that!) and avoiding the possibility of a terrible sunburn.


Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time spent here so far and I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks have to offer.

Recently, my life motto has been “it’s always an adventure,” and this internship has shown, life truly is one big adventure.

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  1. Nicole Pangle says:

    Great pictures!

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